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Men's Health Programs

     Men's health issues have traditionally centered on cardiovascular prevention and prostate problems.  While these problems continue to be the focus of most Men's Health Initiatives, there are many other problems common to men which deserve time and attention.  We at the DiGiovanna Family Health & Wellness Center recognize that many men are fearful or distrustful of the medical community and tend to delay or ignore some very important symptoms until those symptoms evolve into life-threatening conditions.  We are empathetic to this and provide a non-judgmental, caring and straightforward approach to men's concerns.  Led by Dr. Natan Davoudzadeh, a Board-Certified urologist, we diagnose and treat a wide variety of men's health iissues. A few examples of programs we have designed to address Men's Health issues are:


Male sexual dysfunction is a multi-billion dollar industry. Men are known to have 2 kinds of sexual dysfunction. We at the DiGiovanna Family Health & Wellness Center recognize the distinct differences in these two types of male sexual dysfunction.  It is important to note that some cases of erectile dysfunction have an underlying cause of occult cardiovascular disease.  Simply providing medication for erectile dysfunction would be an injustice and improper treatment.  Providing an appropriate cardiovascular evaluation is important to ensuring adequate cardiovascular health prior to erectile dysfunction treatment.  We have an onsite cardiovascular testing facility with the oversight of a board-certified Cardiologist.  Recognition of underlying testosterone depletion is also important in properly treating male sexual dysfunction.  Please see section below for more information on testosterone.


A natural process of aging, the prostate gland in men tend to enlarge over time.  The prostates in some men may to enlarge more rapidly than in other men.  The urethra, the tube through which we urinate, passes through the prostate gland, and may be impinged upon if the prostate gland enlarges too much.  This can cause Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) such as a slow urinary stream, hesitation on initiation of urination, dribbling at the end of urination, incomplete bladder emptying and frequent trips to the bathroom, especially at night.  However, not all LUTS is from an enlarged prostate.  Sometimes these symptoms may be related to another medical condition, such as cancer of the prostate.  Here at the DiGiovanna Family Health & Wellness Center, we provide the diagnostic capabilities to distinguish between the different causes of male urinary tract problems.  We can perform urodynamic testing to distinguish between urinary obstruction and overactive bladder as causes of urinary frequency, as well as screening tests for prostate cancer.


Fatigue, lack of energy, depression, difficulty with erections, lack of or low libido (sex drive or interest in sex), hair loss, low semen volume, loss of muscle mass, increased body fat, mood changes and decreased bone density - these can all be symptoms of low testosterone or hypogonadism.  There are many other conditions that may present similarly, such as diabetes, low thyroid condition, depression or stress.  The providers of the DiGiovanna Family Health & Wellness Center are aware of the relationship between testosterone and the overall well-being of men.  We can provide the necessary testing to accurately diagnose and distinguish between these conditions.  We can also provide counseling and appropriate treatment for low testosterone.  We also seek to understand the relationship between testosterone and the long-term cardiovascular consequences of testosterone replacement.  We are currently working with the DiGiovanna Institute for Medical Education & Research in enrolling male patients with low testosterone and increased cardiovascular risk in a Cardiovascular Outcomes Clinical Research Trial using testosterone replacement therapy.

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Obesity is epidemic in the United States.  Weight-related diseases include hypertension, elevated cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrythmias and congestive heart failure.  The obesity epidemic is being fueled by our lifestyle.  We are always in a hurry, so it becomes easy to eat fast food or prepared foods rather than take the time to cook healthy for ourselves and our families.  We are always pressed for time, so finding the time to exercise is becoming ever more difficult.  Men tend to develop abdominal obesity more easily then women.  Some call it the "beer belly" but it does not always come from excessive consumption of alcohol.  In fact, this visceral fat, or fat in the gut, is more more of a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases and death.  We at the DiGiovanna Family Health & Wellness Center recognize the importance of men reducing their visceral fat and maintaining a proper Body Mass Index (BMI).  We specifically work with men who work and lead busy lives to help them achieve and maintain a health weight.

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Men are increasingly more interested in their overall appearance.  This interest is being fueled by the increase in social media presence and the increasing pressures that men face in looking good in their careers, on the social scene through dating and social interactive websites, and the media that shows us constant images of male models and celebrities.  Recognizing this trend, the DiGiovanna Family Health & Wellness Center has designed laser and aesthetic packages just for men.  Removal of hair from unwanted locations, skin rejuvenation and the removal of unwanted and unsightly blemishes are some of the services we have designed just for men.

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Recognizing that men are at high risk for cardiovascular disease but tend to downplay or even ignore important symptoms, the healthcare providers at the DiGiovanna Family Health & Wellness Center take special care to evaluate each patient in a unique and personalized fashion. We have an onsite cardiovascular testing facility to provide immediate testing and evaluation of cardiovascular problems with the oversight of a board-certified Cardiologist.


The DiGiovanna Family Health & Wellness Center provides screenings for prostate, colon, skin, lung and thyroid cancers. We also provide genetic testing and counseling for men at risk for a variety of cancers.


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